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Activites Services

Our staff coordinates an individualized, well-thought-out activities program to help short-term stay patients and long-term care residents maintain their mental, emotional, physical and physchosocial health. Planning activities in our facility is essential in making our residents happy and to improve their quality of life. We focus on activiites that stimulates their mind, keeps them active and gives them purpose. We provide wide selections of activities, depending on the current ability of our residents, such as:

  • Fitness activities
  • Stretch exercise
  • Musical performance
  • Social activities
  • Games: mini bowling, toss game, JENGA, etc.
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Current event updates
  • Religious meetings
  • Arts and crafts
  • Group discussions
  • Outings
  • Trivia
  • History
  • Gardening
  • Movies: classics, musical, new releases and Netflix
  • Room visits: residents who do not attend group activities will receive 2-3 visits/week
  • Table games: dominoes, BINGO, card games, etc.
  • Memory games: crossword puzzles, word search, trivia, etc.
  • Social dining: coffee/tea social, ice cream social, etc.
  • Self-care: manicures, hair care, etc.
  • Other programs selected by residents
  • Resident and volunteer involvement
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