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Departmental Newsletters Q1 2019 

First Name: Hortencia
Last Name: Garcia
Title: Central Supply – Van Driver – RNA

I do central Supply to provide the house supplies equipment as oxygen, enteral feeding formula assistive devices, and patient toiletries. I pick up patients from the hospital (even after hours and weekends: always on call) and take residents to appointments as needed. When patients discharge to home , I do a transitional care team visit, then I provide a gift to them.


First Name: Michelle
Last Name: Achas
Title: Introduction as the Social Service Designee

The Social Service Designer who is also a Registered Nurse is one of the interdisciplinary team members involved from admission to discharge in which the discharge process is initiated upon admission. From greeting the patient upon admission to attending their care conference meeting to discuss their goal, to care planning their individual needs, to coordinating necessary resources (i.e. appointments, referring to and contacting home health, ordering necessary, durable medical equipment for the home environment, providing caregiver brochures). Those are some of the vital components the Social Service Designer is involved in, in order for discharge, or a successful transition from rehab, to home, to take place.

Other responsibilities are: addressing psychological needs and acting as the guidance official, inviting patients/residents to participate in monthly resident council meetings and notifying an ombudsman or public advocate once a patient/resident is transferred/discharged from the facility.

Department: Activity
First Name: Pamela
Last Name: Hernandez
Title: Activity Director

Here at Eden Valley Care Center we strive to ensure that activities are seven days a week, starting the 9:00am every morning until 12:00 noon. We have two to three assistants at a time in the facility for the activity department during the day. The morning activities range from coffee/news, sit and get fit and a variety of games that the residents enjoy. We have music performers (Rose Merrill, Jeff Richman, Mike Culver, Paula Kaiser, and Pablo Reyes) at least once a week as well as Helen’s Corale every other Monday. There are also church groups that come in (Catholic communion once a week/Mass once a month, Christian hour every Monday, and church service every Sunday afternoon).

After the residents enjoy their lunch, activities begin again with our friendship circle, where we enjoy each other’s company and reminisce about the past and present. At 2 o’clock, activities continue in the main dining room where we have activities such as: bingo, arts and crafts, cinema hour and one a month cooking class with our own real chef, Jose from the Dietary Department as well as Julie a registered Dietitian.

After Dinner Eden Valley Care Center has something special, we have a Certified Nursing Assistant that does evening activities for all our residents that prefer to stay up late. It can range anywhere from dominoes, singing, dancing, cards to ball toss.

During the year we love to celebrate the upcoming events that take place each month. We will have Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny in for pictures with the public, and many others to play, dance and sing throughout the year.

The activity department loves to have volunteers and welcomes anyone that would like to apply. We do have a pet visitation program where families bring in their pets and residents love to see them every chance they get. “Families so need to read and sign our facility pet visitation policy before any animals are allowed to visit.” Residents enjoy going out on facility outings at least once a month and the destination varies from month to month. One on One visits are offered to residents in their rooms so that activity staff can ensure that all residents activity needs are being met in or out of their rooms. We want all of our residents to enjoy their stay with us. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding our activity program lease, feel free to contact me at any time.


Department: Housekeeping & Laundry
First Name: Rebeca
Last Name: Garcia
Title: Supervisor

Here at Eden Valley Care Center in our Housekeeping Department, we assure that the cleanliness and sanitation of all areas of the facility are 100% clean.

We ensure the safety of our residents, guests, visitors, and employees are living in a clean and safe environment; therefore, our priority of sanitation and cleanliness goes above and beyond our daily duties for our residents.

Our Laundry Department also takes full care of our residents’ clothing and bed linen on a daily basis.

We at the Housekeeping Department are always glad and happy to serve our facility and residents, and take pride in our work as always. We are here to serve Eden Valley Care Center.

The New Integration of Post-Acute Care at Eden Valley Care Center 
May contain: corridor, flooring, and floor

Medicare and other payors are demanding that post-acute providers such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Agencies and Outpatient facilities be more accountable in making sure that patients are not readmitted to the hospital.

At Eden Valley Care Center for the past 3 years we have been taking a very proactive approach to integrated care by following certain patients through all levels of post-acute care.

When ready for discharge, patients at Eden Valley are given the option of being followed at home by one of the therapists that work at Eden Valley. The numerous advantages to this are the fact that there is already a relationship formed, knowledge of where the patient’s progress isin therapy and east communication among therapist.

For patients who live in South County, the final phase of rehabilitation is to return to the Eden Valley outpatient center to help achieve their long-term goals. Often times, this is provided by the same therapist that saw them at home.

“The program has been an enormous success” says Rob Snyder, PT, Executive Director of rehabilitation program at Eden Valley. “Both from a patient satisfaction perspective, as well as an outcome perspective it is thought to beat as far as continuum of care is concerned,” Mr. Snyder continues.

The rehabilitation program at Eden Valley has continued to grow with not only South County patients but in all areas of the county. Just recently, a patient from Prunedale came to Eden Valley for inpatient rehabilitation and was followed at home by Mr. Snyder only to return all the way to Soledad for outpatient therapy with Mr. Snyder.

“I’ve been to other Skilled Nursing Facilities but nothing compared to Eden Valley or the therapy I received there” says Shelley Sommatino. “To be followed by Rob at home and then have the opportunity to see him for my outpatient therapy was too good to pass up and was well worth the drive.”

According to Mr. Snyder, “The real goal of integrated care is to get the best possible outcome for patients and to achieve the highest level of customer service in the process, and that seems to be what is happening so far.”

Currently, Eden Valley Care Center is the only Skilled Nursing Facility in Monterey County providing all three levels of post-acute services.

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