Charge Nurse

Soledad, Ca.
Posted 5 years ago


SUPERVISOR: Nursing Supervisor

QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate from an accredited school of nursing with a current license to practice in the State of California.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The shift charge nurse administers, directs and supervises all resident care for her station. She has the primary responsibility of assuring the safety, comfort and skilled nursing care of each resident, either through her efforts or supervised auxiliary personnel. Has the ability to be calm and act wisely in an emergency.


1. Reports on duty punctually. Receives report on condition of every resident facility; sees every resident on her shift. Gives report at end of her shift to the incoming nurse.

2. Check narcotics, Oral and Injectable Emergency boxes, and temperature of refrigerator.

3. Makes rounds, observing critical residents. New admits, residents with change of condition.

4. Responsible to see that aides perform proper resident care and document their care on the chart correctly. Documentation will include Intake and Output, Bowel and Bladder training, ADL charting.

5. Gives direct care to residents requiring skilled nursing care as in sterile dressings, Foley insertions, evaluation in emergencies, pm medication, etc.

6. Responsible for the carrying out of the doctor’s orders for her shift.

7. Sets up and gives medication scheduled during her tour of duty. Responsible for knowing and following the medication policy and procedures. Responsible for any discrepancy she notes being brought to the attention of the Director of Nurses.

8. Responsible for the correct charting of medications and for the accuracy of records of accountable drugs.

9. Responsible for the records for the bowel and bladder-retraining program for her station, during her shift.

10. Responsible for ordering the drugs she passes when there is a three (3) day supply left. 11. Maintains 8-hour report for his/her shift. 12. Evaluates resident needs and makes entries on resident care plans as applicable. 13. Does Weekly Summary charting for assigned residents.

14. Requisitions supplies, equipment, emergency drugs, etc., to meet unit needs. Sees that equipment is in good working order. Informs the Director of Nurses of needed supplies.

15. Checks and makes sure that chart desk, the medicine room and the medicine cart are left clean and supplies returned to proper places.

16. Functions as a member of a team whose goal is optimal resident care. Assists other team members as necessary to maintain Facility standards with an attitude of helpfulness and cooperation.

17. Assume other duties as assigned by the Nursing Supervisor or the Director of Nursing.

18. In addition, assists Nursing Supervisor as necessary with:

> Contact doctors and families as necessary

> Makes rounds with doctors.

> Admits, transfers and discharges of patients.

> Take and notes physician orders .

> Assists with orientation, instruction, and supervision of other nursing personnel.

> Evaluates patient needs, condition and care, assists in development of care plan.

19. Notifies physician, receives, notes and carries out orders in the event of a condition change serious enough to require attention during hours that the physician’s office is closed.

20. Check all doors and windows, locking each one, no later than 9 p.m.

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